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Laser Harp (Frameless - Open Source) 


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Laser Harp (Frameless - Open 


Written By: Ruete 



Aligator Leads (1) 

Insulating tape (1) 
Long Nose Pliers (1) 
Multimeter (1) 

Protoboard (1) 

Arduino Uno (1) 

Green Laser Pointer (1) 

Resistor 220 ohms 1/4W (1) 

Power Supply. 5V DC. regulated 1A 
minimum (1) 

Power Supply. 15V DC. regulated 5A 
minimum (1) 

Power Supply. 9V DC. regulated 1A 
minimum (1) 


Jumper Wire (1) 

2N2222 TRANSISTOR (1) 

LDR Light Sensor (1) 

MIDI jack (1) 


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Laser Harp (Frameless - Open Source) 

Wine Cork Stopper (1) 
Small Mirror Piece (1) 
Green Laser Safety Goggles (1) 
White Gloves (1) 
Step motor (1) 


I felt in love with Laser Harps the first time I saw Jean Michel Jarre play it live in concert 
(Rendevous 2 song). Since technology has developed so much it is now possible to build 
your own homemade DIY Frameless Laser Harp. 

Step 1 — Laser Harp (Frameless - Open Source) 

• Testing phase from Studio. 

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Laser Harp (Frameless - Open Source) 

Step 2 

• Here is a Fritzing drawing with all 
componentes wired using a 
solderless breadboard for 
simplicity. No soldering required. 

• List of all components is featured 

Step 3 

• Arduino programing code: 

• // Open Source Laser Harp by Ruete // Free for home use. Comercial use proibited. // 
Circuito MIDI: // * digital in 1 conectado ao MIDI jack pin 5 (DO MIDI JACK) // * MIDI jack 
pin 2 conectado ao ground (DO ARDUINO) // * MIDI jack pin 4 (DO MIDI JACK) conectado 
ao +5V (DO ARDUINO) por urn resistor de 220-ohm int buttonPresses = 0; // quantas 
vezes a nota foi tocada int LaserState = LOW; // laser "off" int delayligado = 3; //minimo 3 
para aparecer direito o laser int delaydesligado = 3; // minimo 3 para separar direito os 
raios em 9 long previousMillis = 0; // guarda ultima vez que o 

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Laser Harp (Frameless - Open Source) 

Step 4 

• This is an open source laser harp 
project. The latest version of 
Arduino programing code can be 
downloaded at my blog. Also there 
is a video demostration there. 

Step 5 

• Any questions and improvement 
ideas are welcome. Visit my blog 



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